You can borrow money in many ways today. Many people still take their first steps to the bank for a loan. However, banks are increasingly refusing to grant loans. People who have already been refused once do not want to risk it again and go to loan companies. Loan companies do not necessarily have worse credit terms.

You can even find offers for the first loan for free or for loans without certificates. And you can take out a loan over the phone or via the Internet, which is extremely convenient, anonymous and above all faster than submitting an application in the window. What is worth knowing about such loans? And what is a loan without phone verification?

Phone loan – how can you get it?

Phone loan - how can you get it?

Phone loans are, as the name implies, loans granted during a telephone conversation. So first you need to find a loan company whose offer interests us the most. Each lender provides a telephone number on their website or leaflet that you can call to talk to a consultant. This is a very convenient solution, because before we decide to enter into a contract we can ask the consultant about all issues of interest to us and receive an answer immediately.

During the consultation, the offer best suited to our needs will be selected. However, for a consultant to find the best offer and submit our application, he will need a lot of information. It is worth preparing basic documents from which you will need to provide specific information. First of all, you will need a valid ID card. You must also provide your registered address, contact details, information on fixed income and expenses, or employment status.

The amounts of income and expenses should be as accurate as possible, which is why it is worth checking in advance how much it affects our bank account or find documents confirming the amounts of all income that are important for a given loan company.

After providing this information and determining the amount that can be borrowed and the preferred form of repayment, for example once for 60 days, for installments paid monthly, the information is confirmed and awaiting a response from the lender. If it is positive, the loan will reach the bank account in the agreed amount even in 15 minutes.

Pros and cons of payday loans without phone verification

Pros and cons of payday loans without phone verification

There is no perfect loan, so you can always highlight the pros and cons of a given offer. First, loan companies usually offer telephone loans to regular customers. This means that you must have one repaid loan in history before you can get another one this way. Secondly, you also have to adapt to the hotline’s operating hours, while 24/7 applications can be submitted online.

However, there are also advantages such as consulting a person who will help us choose offers or answer bothering questions. In addition, you do not need to submit any certificates, you only need to answer the questions yourself to be assessed for loan credibility.

What is phone verification?

What is phone verification?

Telephone lending companies can not only grant loans but also verify customers. If you are afraid that the loan company will call our place of work, you must find payday loans without phone verification. Why do loan companies use this verification method at all? Most often this happens when granting loans via the Internet, where the company does not have direct contact with its client, i.e. it does not really know who it is granting.

Thus, the consultant can call the customer who submitted the application online to confirm whether he actually did it or to the employer. In the latter case, the loan company wants to confirm employment status and income. Therefore, if you do not want staff to learn about our loan at work, you must take non-bank loans without phone verification. Of course, if the lender does not provide such information, it may turn out to be conducting such verification.

Therefore, it is worth looking for an offer, where it is immediately written in the regulations. Interestingly, the telephone verification is also carried out by banks providing installment loans for online purchases. This is really a common form of checking the borrower.



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