Often, when thinking of pleasure and happiness, many people have a direct relationship to the word money. Many believe that this is the easiest and fastest way to realize their dreams and indeed be someone happier. But, after all, what is the real price of happiness? The answer can be much more difficult and complex than it seems.

Of course an amount of money that pays the bills and still allows some luxuries and amusements does not hurt anyone. But happiness depends on more than that. There are a multitude of factors that lead to it, and for many you do not need money. See below how much for your happiness may be much lower than you think.

Understand your real needs

Realize the role of money in your life

Needs change from one person to another. So, the first step is to understand what your finances are, and what is important in that, so that you have a life without major concerns. Being able to sleep peacefully every night, of what you like and still save money at the end of the month to make future plans, for example, is a great reason for happiness.

Realize the role of money in your life

Understand your real needs

It is important for each person to understand the role of money in their life and how much money they need to actually feel satisfied. Usually that amount is lower than we think: unlike what many people think, it just needs to be enough to pay the bills, afford the comfort we desire, and the savings we need.

What we can not do is become slaves of unreal needs and eternal dissatisfied, otherwise money ceases to be ally and becomes a great problem, since we will live at all times chasing after him and always with expectations much greater than that we can accomplish.

Make your accounts and schedule yourself


In every moment of life we ​​can change our goals. Therefore, it is important to calculate your accounts and avoid spending more than you own. If you want to take a trip, for example, understand how this can be possible within your current income. With everything on paper and well calculated, it is much easier to program and do something that will leave you satisfied, without curling.

People who spend all their time depending on something far away to make things happen, only waste time and fail to enjoy the small joys of life. Money should not control our steps, it is we who must have dominion over it. Thus it is possible to come to the conclusion that the value of happiness does not exist, for it is up to each one to understand what is in fact important and what I need to be complete and happy.

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